Monday, 24 September 2012

The Super Crawl that was...

MOT had a fantastic time during the 2012 Hamilton Super Crawl. We had so much fun that we chalked James St. North a unicorn in its honour.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the Hamilton Art Crawl happens every second Friday of the month. During this time art galleries and various speciality stores in the area are open to the public from 7pm until their heart's content.

The centre of Downtown Hamilton can be indicated by Jackson Square, which is a historical landmark for the city. It is essentially a building block housing a mall, the city's central public library, farmer's market, the Stelco Tower, the Sheraton Hamilton and more. The famous James St. N. stretches out from Jackson Square all the way straight to Hamilton's waterfront.

Art Crawl does run year round and it has been attracting local and international artists and visitors. The Super (Art) Crawl, on the other hand, is a once a year- late summer- all day art event that is curated and supported by local artists and community leaders. Not just galleries, this local event also showcases various live performances of music and dance as well as displays of commissioned public art installations.

It's not just that, what makes Art Crawl what it is - are the independent pieces appearing on the streets. These were the mysterious art pieces found (in this case) at a corner of a restaurant or on top of a mail box; they stand alone without a title, nor artists to identify them with.

You can find more information about the Art Crawl on its website and best believe MOT will enjoy more Art Crawl in the future.