Wednesday, 31 October 2012

As promised

Here are the steps on making the origami frogs we had for Nuit Blanche.
Practice makes permanent! Next thing you'll know, you're teaching friends how to make them.
Happy Halloween 
Happy folding!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tongues of Fortune

Last Saturday, the 29th of September, was the annual Scotia Bank's Nuit Blanche; the much anticipated all night art festival in downtown Toronto.

Months in advance, the MOT crew had been cutting squares and folding origami frogs. We thought amphibians would be a nice follow up on cranes, butterflies, and more butterflies. The method of paper folding, cutting and mass repetition is ever present in our works.

We did not come in short this year, except for the addition of a giant amphibian! Visions of a giant frog spilling pint size, tiny froggies was what we had in mind. Take a look at the progress shots of the paper mache.
The set-up was by the walkway of Trinity Square facing Bay street (siding the Marriot), we made a fortress our of a lamp post for our league of origami frogs.
Did we mention they were Fortune Frogs? the origami frogs were given red fortune tongues that  surprised and delighted participants and passerby.
Our installation received a number of approvals and curious looks, especially from children. This was amidst the noise from The Mission Business of Byologyc, a social commentary, performance art that transformed the Trinity Church into test centre/ battle ground for protesters and black suited army.

Nevertheless, it was a success because when we came back hours after the set-up, fortune frogs were no more, meaning to say they have been carried out, taken away by their new owner. And perhaps now, a proud display, a bookmark, a souvenir, a reminder of  Nuit Blanche 2012.