Monday, 29 July 2013

V3: Issue2 : Pages


Colour pages from the Toronto Pride 2013 issue of our humble zine. Getting down to the basics with all the primary colours and the myriad of what the human eye can comprehend in addition.  

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pride 2013 V3: Issue 2

Issue excerpt: "Having walked from Park Presidio down through to the most upward end of Castro, I located myself on Divisadero Street looking at my shoes. A man in his twenties in garish green knit and tight jeans stood next to me and asked for a cigarette.  Then he asked me where I was going.  I replied ...."

Read the rest and view the full issue under The Zine heading.

If you got an issue of this zine at Toronto Pride 2013 that means a band of 'oh no, I still have finish that project for Tuesday yet' and 'omg I have work in the morning' students and newly-grads managed to successfully get this issue printed and stapled just in time to hand it to you.  Thanks for taking a copy and HAPPY PRIDE.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Like a charm V3: Issue 1

Year 2013, enter MOT zine first edition, volume three. This third year will work like a charm, a number of changes for our members and an addition to the zine: a pull out- scan me page! Yes, we now have a blank page that you can fill in and send to us by e-mail! We will post them in bulk and will surely love and credit your work.

Theme, distribution:
Collecting submissions for the "characters" theme was perfect to coincide with TCAF's 10th year anniversary. Packed as usual, the event left us wanting more and wished Toronto's Reference library is open until we have visited every artist table. It was also a new experience for us to try Copydog Hamilton, located on the basement of Homegrown Hamilton, they were very accommodating! 

Needless to say it was a success distributing our zine in Hamilton and Toronto.

View the full issue under The Zine heading.