Friday, 11 November 2011

V1: Issue 3

At 3:00PM we met up to put this issue together.  By 4:00PM we had all our submissions in and our pages ready.  Between 4:00PM and 5:00PM there was mild panic, mistakes, re-editing, more mistakes, decisions, assessments, discussions, tutorials, and finally, there was a zine ready to be printed.  We rushed to the printers and made it there half-an-hour before their closing time and stayed twenty minutes after.  We tried three different staplers before finding one that cooperated.  We had to leave margins on some of the zine.

At 6:20PM we walked to a convenience store for sustenance with fifty neatly folded zines amongst us.  At 7:00PM we distributed them in clever nooks and stands around our art district.  At 8:15PM we saw someone carrying an issue at a gallery we hadn't gotten to yet.  After weeks of anticipating this issue, that moment alone was the most exciting part.

View the full zine under The Zine heading.

Read Destructo-Tron 3000's full article about Robot/Human relations.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

V1: Issue 3: Pages

A Practical Guide For Robots Wishing To Befriend Humans
By Destructo-Tron 3000

The future, otherwise known as 1997, will be a golden age of man-machine friendships. This does not mean that we, the robotic races, will not face challenges as attempt to befriend the mere human flesh bags. I, Destructo-Tron 3000, have recently done research into this problem and have cultivated a number of practical strategies to help my fellow steel-hearted killing machines to become more cute and cuddly. As heart-warming films like The Matrix have shown, a future where humans voluntarily donate their organs to our battery factories in a gesture of peace and friendship need not be considered out of reach. Read on machines and find out how you can be more like the robot ninjas from Scooby Doo and less like the d-bag bot from Lost In Space…

Humans love to work, don’t be too helpful. Have you ever seen a two-year old cry while a Roomba 700 Series Vacuuming Robot cleans the floor? Have you ever wondered why some people work 80 hours or more in a given week, month or year? Wonder no more…I, Destructo-Tron 3000, have recently discovered that humans LOVE to work! And what better way to promote peace, love and understanding than to coral an entire neighbourhoods worth of humans and set them to work at a nearby zinc mine? Not only will they be grateful for your assertiveness as their clear superior, but they’ll probably also whistle out of joy while they work!