Thursday, 12 July 2012

Super Crawl 2011

The 2010 and 2011 editions of the James St. N. Super Crawl were fantastic fun.  Lots of activity, tons of people, multitudes of art, and enough good eats and drinks to keep you going from noon to midnight.  Of course, when a group of artists, even small-time folks like us, are told that an entire street is closed off for an art event the natural thing to do is to abuse chalk and pavement.

First, how about I explain the starfish and crocodile/mermaid: We started with the person hanging off the yellow median.  Then added the predators (for the lols).  Aw no!  And then we decided it was unfair to the predators to be the bad guys.  So we made them beautiful!  I believe we tried to switch the 'Aw no!' to an 'Aw Yes!' but without the proper tools, ex. water, it was too much of a challenge.

The water lilies: Were planned.  There is never enough interactive art at these events.  Everyone wants you to look but  no one wants you touch.  So we grabbed some chalk with the intent of making something fun.  As we were halfway through it we wondered if kids, or anyone, would get the idea.  Three seconds later three little kids came bounding out of nowhere.  They used the lilies like hopscotch.  Aw Yes!

We're going to do all of this again; the Super Crawl; the chalk, the lilies.  Keep an eye out for MOT at NB and Super Crawl 2012.

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