Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kapisanan Kultura Festival 2012

Installation: Pagkakataon

At the Kapisanan KULTURA Festival
August 17th - 31st
The Kapisanan Philippine Centre
167 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L4


At long last!  For the first time since leaving our old school club, we've set up a large scale art installation that is to be displayed in a gallery space.  We've been prepping this for months; working out conceptual details, feeling out the idea, fine tuning the technical details.  I wont spoil it, but tell you briefly that for the past three weeks we've been hand-tracing, hand-cutting, and mass spray-painting some 1000 individual pieces that will come together to form our final exhibition piece for the Kapisanan KULTURA Festival.

It's become common practice with us to create something from several smaller somethings.  But that's how our group has become so I guess it's not much of a surprise.  Pagkakataon means 'chance'.  Our meeting and coming together as a group can in a way be described as just that - as pagkakataon.  We're a mixed group of people in practically ever aspect that you could think of, including our disciplines at uni. That doesn't mean we can't all share an understanding of  themes and ideas.  

Kapisanan's theme for this year's KULTURA Festival was Pamahiin, meaning ritual.  

Did you know black butteflies mean death?
Did you know white butterflies mean wealth?
Do you think butterflies could mean anything at all? Do you want them to?

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